Is you table ready for fall?

September 21, 2015  

Pumpkins, football, hot apple cider, sweatshirt, hayrides, beautiful leaves changing color, chili and the list could go on about things that describe fall.
There is something about the crisp days of fall that make people want to gather. As we begin to transfer from outdoor living to cozying up indoors, there seems to be more time spent creating memories with friends and family at our dining room table. Is your table ready?
There is so much beauty that comes with fall, why not use it to create texture and depth with your tablescape?
Using what's available in season makes it not only beautiful, but also more cost effective.
From pumpkins in a variety of colors and sizes, branches from trees in your neighborhood, to items at the grocery store ( apples, pears and lentils), your table can become art that compliments the beauty of the season.
Just as the picture shows, using items from nature and mixing with the softness of the table linens allows texture and depth that otherwise wouldn't be achieved.
Look around you and see what the season has to offer as you prepare for memories made at the table.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest, "enchanted autumn"