Affordable Design Tips For A Kitchen

January 23, 2014  

Of course there is the costly option of totally renovating with state of the art materials or there are some simple designer tips that can give your space a new life.

- Paint is one of the most effective ways to give any room an updated look. Consider painting the entire room, the worn cabinets, the back of open or glass front shelves, or simply give old chairs or bar stools a current pop of color.

-In small, dark kitchens, try using a chic mirror over the sink or a mirrored back splash and elegant lamp on the counter. Fresh flowers in a unique vase always ads to the interest of an otherwise mundane space.

-For the truly adventuresome homeowner, consider removing some upper cabinets and replace with open shelves for a larger, more contemporary look. Dishes on these shelves are better displayed if they are of a consistent, neutral color palette.

-Hang a 'one of a kind' light fixture over the table. Many creative ideas from old vintage toile chandeliers found in antique stores to a spiffy printed barrel shade pendant light will add spice to your space.

-Fabric speaks a whole new language to the kitchen. Designer fabric remnants are ideal for simple chair covers to an outdated wooden chair or bring a new contemporary element to the window with a sleek roman shade.

-Art is a welcome addition to the kitchen. Try to use large 'statement' accessories rather than smaller ones that encourage a cluttered look. If transforming to some open shelves, mix a wonderful piece of art with your dishes.

-Remove the clutter from your kitchen. When the space looks 'special' while functional, it invites the guest to take a seat and stay awhile. Just maybe that potential homeowner will decide to do the same.

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