Who doesn't love a good spring clean?

February 1, 2016  

Who doesn't love a good spring clean? Winter is the perfect time to start! The colder weather has a tendency of slowing us down and keeping us close to home. This creates the perfect opportunity to clear out. The process of decluttering may feel a bit overwhelming and leave you feeling like, " where do I even start?!" The fruits of your labor will be rewarding and leave you feeling better about your home and life. It truly is a freeing process.

Pick a room and get started with these thoughts in mind:

*Get rid of duplicates.
*Have I used it within the last year?
*Am I keeping it out of guilt/obligation?
*Don't keep items you wouldn't buy now.
*Everything has a place and is put away.
*Is this item worth the time I spend cleaning/ storing it?

There are some great checklist on the web/Pinterest to help guide you room by room in a timely and organized fashion.

Clearing out the unused not only makes you feel better, but also utilizes the space your home has to offer. With spring market just around the corner, potential buyers want to see what a future home has to offer them. Maximize your space with well organized storage and getting rid of the unnecessary clutter.