Jump start on Spring

February 27, 2016  

In a few short weeks daylight with stick around later and signs of spring will begin popping up all over the place with flowers blooming and trees beginning to bud. The birds will return with their spring songs and most of us will be itching to get outside from our months of having to be cooped up indoors.
Do you have outdoor patio or decks ready? It's time to start thinking about sweeping out and knocking the cobwebs down. Your outdoor areas don't have to be elaborate, but rather focus on them being inviting and relaxing. Seating to sit and enjoy the new season, maybe strands of lights strung above and pots filled with box woods and pansies add color and texture to your patio but can also withstand those early spring frost. Pansies are something that can easily be removed when the summer heat hits and replaced with geranium or petunias. So, as we look forward to the new season ahead , begin to think about and prepare your outdoor living spaces.