Everything Old is New Again

November 22, 2016  

Sometimes it's good to go out with the old and in with the new. Clearing out can be refreshing, and at times much needed. What about those items that carry memories near and dear to ones heart? The table and chairs you sat in each Sunday and watched your grandmother prepare dinner for your entire family.The rocking chair that has a special creak when you rock that helped soothe your baby to sleep each night. The dresser drawers that when you open it, still smells like home. These are the things that we can never do away with. These items not only carry practical meaning in our homes, but also carry memory after memory of people who we hold most dear. While these pieces have great sentimental meaning , the appearance of the piece may feel dated.
Maybe there is no sentimental attachment to furnishings in your home, but you just love the shape, character or how it fits perfectly in an area nothing else would. Sometimes the structure is great but it's worn, tattered and tired. Perfect time to refinish or repurpose.
This chest of drawers had so much potential, but it's character and charm were being overtaken by its warn and outdated finish. It's old charm needed new life. It needed a transformation. Erin Chicka Design refinished this chest of drawers in a milky black paint with accents of gold added to the pulls and keyholes which revived what appeared to be lifeless.
Sometimes it's thinking outside the box and refinishing pieces within our home to bring new life to outdated rooms or pieces.

Picture: Erin Chicka Design