Summer Sips and Family

August 3, 2017  

Picture courtesy of Pinterest/Southern Living

Charlottesville is known for its beauty and versatile scenery. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, you don't have to drive far to see some breathtaking views. Beauty that is often overlooked due to the daily grind and overwhelming business we seem to continually choose to encounter. As summer draws to a close , and the fall air starts to sweep through, leaving us with an amazing pallet of orange, red of yellow; pause and take in not only the beauty of the area, but the great tastes that come from here as well. Rather it's a day with the family at King Family Vineyards,
Bold rock, or Carters Mountain, Charlottesville and surrounding areas have so much to offer. Pause, kickback and soak up the beauty with the ones you love in the place we get to call home.

For more information on wineries and breweries, visit the link below.